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Student Enquiry

TSCC - Town Schools Community College

Where the passion to excel in imparting education, vision to impact lives & mission to bridge the socio-economic divide- all converge to connect education with employment – this defines the spirit of Town Schools Community College. Town Schools has been awarded the status of Community College by IGNOU in December 2009.


Objectives of TSCC

  • To provide skill based, livelihood enhancing education & eligibility for employment to all, without any disparity

  • To offer appropriate, need driven programs which cater to the fast changing, emerging need for specialized skill-sets, across a wide range of trades..


IGNOU Community College

Community Colleges are an alternative system of education which aims to empower individuals through appropriate skill development leading to gainful employment in collaboration with the local Industry and Community.


Objective of Community Colleges in India

India has largest share of youth population which needs to be channelized into diverse and multi-level occupational areas. The increased emphasis on targeting 2-tier and 3-tier cities for development necessitates tapping the local talent and skill for community specific trades & occupations.


Features of TSCC

  • Wide range of Programs under single umbrella
  • Need driven programs , in response to periodic Market Scanning & Skill Gap Analysis by Town Schools Education Initiatives – the founding body of TSCC
  • Contextually relevant & simplified content development of course modules by Learning Creation & Development group – the Curriculum Research & Development division of TSEI


“My parents and Family members are very proud of my achievement, for which I am deeply thankful to TOWN SCHOOLS. This program has really brought out my hidden potential. It has also inspired me to pursue my further study.”